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Pure Breed, Miniature & AKC Registered English & British Bulldog Puppies For Sale in Canada & USA

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If you are looking for a friendly and beautiful English and British Bulldog companion in your life or a miniature puppy that your children and family will surely love, you have come to the right place.

Here at Miley-Bulls we pride ourselves to be the home to healthy, high quality, pure breed, miniature and AKC registered English and British bulldog puppies for sale-sell. We take great pride to be one of the top miniature English and British Bulldog breeders in the USA. We serve families and dog lovers in the USA and Canada.

Why Choose Our English Bulldog Puppies?

  • Reputable English & British Bulldog Breeder in the USA
  • Years of Experience in the Business
  • Offers Pure Breed & AKC Registered English & British Bulldog Puppies For Sale
  • Finest Quality Blood Lines & Alluring Colors
  • Trusted & Safe Bulldog Breeding Program
  • 50% Discount On All Our Miniature English Bulldog Puppies
  • Variety of Pure Breed English & British Bulldog Puppies Available For Sale
  • Serves Clients in the USA and Canada
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Our Bulldog family features and boasts great blood lines with a variety of pedigree ancestry. Their alluring colors give them a distinctive look and feel among other dog breeds.

The English or British Bulldog is a breed we have come to love and enjoy. This breed is a great companion for whatever lifestyle you have. They are kind, loyal, courageous, protective, resolute and calm. They get along with just about everyone. They are also long and gentle with children.

Our bulldogs are not just our pets, they are part of our family.

One of the benefits of having our bulldogs is to share the joy they bring to others. It is a pleasure to see these miniature and pure breed puppies go to their new families and homes where they will be appreciated and loved. We are ready to serve pet lovers and families looking for a pure breed and miniature in English or British Bulldog puppies the USA and Canada.

In addition to our English and British Bulldog puppies for sale in the USA and Canada, we also offer stud services.

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Our Bulldog Mission

At Miley-Bulls, our mission is not only to provide loving, healthy and beautiful bulldog puppies for sale and expert stud service with you. We also strive to inform and educate you and those who want to purchase or adopt a bulldog. We provide great tips and information that will help everyone looking for a reputable bulldog breeder in the USA and Canada or information about bulldogs.

Meet The Owners

Maria and Mirach Filipova take great pride to be the owner of Miley-Bulls.

In 1994, the couple started their journey in English bulldogs.

Johnny was the name of their very first English Bulldog. They both fell in love with the breed. Johnny passed away at the age of 11 but long before then the couple knew that they would never be complete without bulldogs.

A few years before Johnny died, Mirach began researching the breed and learned a lot about them. He decided to pursue his passion and joined the Bulldog Club of America, acquired his first champion bulldog, Ch. Easy Ed’s Chazzmo.

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Then the following year, Mirach produced his very first litter bred by the champion, Ch. Mira’s Harmony In Motion aka “Miss Viola”. Today, Mirach takes great pride to operate Miley-Bulls and be a reputable English bulldog breeder, serving dog lovers, families and individuals anywhere in the USA and Canada. They now have, own and/or bred 6 champion English Bulldogs and have produced several others that are major pointed.

As dog lovers, both Maria and Mirach are very happy to have a business that enables them to share the happiness of having bulldogs as pets and family members. The couple strives to raise healthy, well-developed and socially adapted English and British Bulldog puppies and offer them for sale prices.

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Whether you need a miniature bulldog puppy for your children or loved ones or you want a pure breed and flashy head turner English or British Bulldog, contact us today.

Feel free to email us anytime or answer the form on our contact us page. We will answer all your questions regarding our pure breed, miniature and AKC registered bulldog puppies for sale in the USA and Canada.

Let Miley-Bulls help you find the perfect English and British bulldog for your lifestyle and needs.